Brief Summary of Rules and Conditions

Conditions of Participation

Lübeck's University Sports is open to all students and employees of the Universität zu Lübeck including the Universitätsklinikum (UKSH Campus Lübeck), Technische Hochschule Lübeck (THL), Musikhochschule Lübeck (MHL) and the Fachhochschule des Bundes - Section Bundespolizei (HS Bund).

A valid student ID card or a duty ID card combined with your confirmation of registration has to be shown to the trainers as proof that you are entitled to participate in the University Sports' courses.

Non-members of the institutes listed above are not entitled to participate in the University Sports' program.


The University Sports' program offers a wide range of all kinds of sports. In order to participate in the University Sports' program, online-booking is necessary. On you'll find all available sports courses (choose "Sportangebot") plus further information on each course. The default minimum age is 18 years.

Registrations are binding and registration or course fees are non-refundable. Written cancellations are accepted but only until the start of the current University Sports' program.

Registration fee ("Grundgebühr Hochschulsport"): Enrolled students of the universities listed above do not have to pay a registration fee.
External students have to pay a registration fee (30 Euros).
Employees of the institutes listed above have to pay a registration fee (20 Euros).

Course fee ("Kursgebühr"): Please note that some courses require an additional fee. This fee may vary. The students' amount is the first mentioned (e.g. 20/25/50).
External students have to pay the same amount as Lübeck's students (e.g. 20/25/50).
Employees of the institutes listed above have to pay the course fee mentioned in second place (e.g. 20/25/50).
You need a German bank account in order to book charged courses as the amount must be paid by direct debit!

How to book a course

Before booking a course please note that some courses are divided into two different categories:

  • "Kurs A, B, C, D": courses of the same level; all courses require the same skills or knowledge
  • "Grundkurs, Aufbau, Fortgeschrittene": courses of different levels; courses require different skills or knowledge

    "Anfänger/Grundkurs/Basic": course is suitable for beginners
    "Fortgeschrittene 1/Aufbau": course is suitable for advanced participants
    "Fortgeschrittene 2": course is suitable for advanced plus participants

Additional information on each course is available by clicking on its name. At the very end of the course description you will find a table. On the right hand side there will be a button saying either "Kurs buchen" or "Vormerkliste" or "Warteliste" - depending on what kind of course you have chosen!

"Kurs buchen": booking a course; indicates that there is an additional fee required
"Vormerkliste": reserving a place; indicates that there is no additional fee required; some courses, however, are very popular; we therefore recommend to make sure you get a place by using the option "Vormerkliste".
"Warteliste": course is fully booked; however, you may sign up to be informed by email as soon as places are available again

Please fill in all required information in the booking form. To prove their status students have to supply their matriculation number, employees their office telephone number.
Information on a bank account is only required from those who have to pay a registration or a course fee. If your chosen course is free of charge you don't have to state your bank account.
Please make sure your email address is written correctly. This is to ensure that in urgent cases, e.g. cancellation of your course, you will be informed immediately!
After you have rechecked all your personal details you confirm booking by clicking "Kurs buchen".

You will then receive an immediate confirmation of booking - which you must print out! Together with your student ID card this confirmation of booking entitles you to take part in the University Sports' activity you have booked. In addition you will receive an email with your confirmation of registration, which includes a link enabling you to view and print out your confirmation of booking for a few days more.

Terms of Participation

Please follow the regulations for the use of the sports facilities.
In order to use or enter the sports facilities you have to wear non-marking and clean sports shoes.
At the very beginning of each course please introduce yourself to the trainer and show to him/her your confirmation of registration and your student ID card. This is to make sure that the trainer is informed about your attendance.
It is important that you follow the trainer's instructions at all times!
Concerning the changing rooms please be aware that articles are left there at the owner's risk.

Please note: The directions listed above are only extracts of the definite terms of participation of Lübeck's University Sports and have been selected to give you a quick overview.

For further questions please don't hesitate to contact the staff of the University Sports' office.
However, we kindly recommend asking your German fellow students for a helping hand. It might be a great opportunity to make contacts, to settle in and to improve your language skills. Just try it! 

(Download Brief Summary of Rules and Conditions as a pdf)